15+ fotos de mujeres de más de 40 años que demuestran que no se necesita ser una celebrity para verse increíble

No sólo a los jóvenes les apasiona la moda, la buena alimentación, el ejercicio y las redes sociales, los tiempos han cambiado y hay un gran número de personas no tan jóvenes que han decidido que la edad no es más que un número y que uno puede estar muy bien tenga la edad que tenga y así lo muestran en sus redes sociales:

“Me llamo Vita, tengo 42 años. Estoy convencida de que en el mundo actual los 40 son los nuevos 30. Todavía me sorprendo y me estremezco cuando los hijos de mis amigos me dicen ‘señora Vita’. ¿En verdad parezco una señora?”

“Tengo 46 años”

“Tengo 52 años”

“Mi mamá tiene 65 años pero en sus ojos aún se puede ver juventud. Quiero ser como ella”

“Mi hermana tiene 40 años”

“Bueno, también voy a participar… dentro de un mes cumpliré 48 años”

“Tengo 40 años”

“Mi mamá tiene 47 años”

“Mi mamá y yo (69 y 41)”

“Este año mi mamá cumplirá 49 años. Estoy orgullosa de ella”

“Ella es mi mamá y el año que viene cumplirá 50 años. Qué bueno que no soy mujer, porque con una mamá así sería poco probable que consiguiera un novio”

“Tengo 46 años, pero me siento de 25”

Una sonrisa sincera te garantiza 10 años menos


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I was going through the notes on my phone and found the following from about a year ago. Celebrate the small wins: 1. Got a good night sleep without sleeping pills. 2. Did some meditation and affirmations to intentionally healing myself. 3. Talked to God and asked him for guidance and support. 4. Appreciated the flowers when I opened my bedroom windows. 5. Decide on always asking myself the question “What positive meaning can I find from this situation?” 6. Decide to enjoy what I am doing more intentionally. 7. I was excited for a solid work day without any meetings or disruptions. If you are in my Gracefully Grieving Energy Healing Coaching program, you will be asked to do the same exercise too. This exercise is designed to help anyone who is struggling with seeing hope or who feels bad about themselves. We often focus on our troubles or the things that are wrong in our lives. We do this not because we are negative. In fact, we are just simply trying to give more attention to these issues so we can figure out a solution, right? I have been addicted to thinking about and solving problems for years and I can tell you, it can be very tiring and not very efficient ;). I would often beat myself up because I couldn’t always find an answer or fix the problem. Then, I would end up feeling bad about myself because I didn’t know what to do. Does this sound familiar? What is a better way to seeing hope faster and feeling better about ourselves? Simply switching our focus from “What is wrong?” to “What is right?”! We need to know that success is not just those BIG changes we make. It is very often some of our super small wins. After a certain amount of time, these small wins form the big wins that you have always wanted. If you intentionally write down your daily small wins for just one week, you will see a huge mood shift within yourself. I challenge you to give it a try and share with me your results. You can thank me later for seeing hope again and feeling better about yourself. 😉 If you would like to become part of my Gracefully Grieving coaching program, click on the book now button. . . . #gracefullygrieving #griefsupport #grief #selfcare #growth

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Una prueba de que al tener más de 50, una mujer aún se puede ver brillante


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Does anybody actually read the words????? 🐀🔮🦇💣🐜 #toomuchinformation #previouspost #movingrightalong #thankyouandgoodnight

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Es difícil de creer, pero esta mujer tiene más de 40 años


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Shared my #NSale faves that are still IN STOCK today on the site: BusbeeStyle.com and ONLY on the @liketoknow.it app sharing my BEAUTY faves in stock!! (Follow Busbee Style in app, or check my simple highlights tutorial) Okay, watched the finale of #Yellowstone SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched it, do NOT continue reading. I think everyone survives. What do you think? I also think Jamie is behind these assassination plot. Maybe he paired up with the land deal peeps, but for sure he is involved. That actor does an amazing job of making you despise him, don’t you think? Okay, what are your theories??? ~Erin xo #liketkit http://liketk.it/2VgUH #FashionOver40 #BUSBEE 📸 by @aurelie.slegers

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Cuando la edad simplemente es una cifra en tu pasaporte

Esta belleza tiene 46 años


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Wild at heart ♥️

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Esta es otra belleza que tiene más de 40 años